Ramp Heating

Constant wattage slope heating

To keep your entrance and exit slopes free of snow and ice, we offer a global solution based on constant wattage heating cables, poured in the concrete or asphalt layer. Based on your plans, we work out the most optimal solution, comprising heating cables, control panel with regulation, mounting, commissioning and documentation. As regulation, we foresee a snow- and ice sensor which reacts when it’s both cold and moist. An additional limiter in the concrete or asphalt prevents your system from staying unnecessarily activated. Our experienced mechanics secure the heating cables on a galvanized netting that’s to be placed on the reinforcement steel. They connect the cold leads into the control panel. Everything is being programmed, measured and commissioned.

You receive a documentation package consisting of

> Electrical wiring of the control panel
> Installation plans of heating circuits
> Test reports (at prefab, installation and after pouring of concrete/asphalt)



> Since 1963 experience with the installation of this system
> Extremely reliable solution with long durability
> The wattage remains constant in time, compared to self-regulating
cables which lose power by aging
> Maintenance free
> Fully autonomous system
> Energy saving thanks to limiter
> Fault localization and local repair possible in case of damage
> Continuous display “READY” in control panel
> Possible communication with building management system
> Customization possible

Technical specifications in concrete

> Surface load 300W/m²
> Load 30W/m cable
> Construction cable (SiPCP) constant wattage single core
- Resistance wire
- Silicone jacket
- PVC inner sheath
- Copper braid
- PVC outer jacket
> Circuit length to maximum 230m
> Ohmic values: 0,1 to 8 Ohm/m
> Nominal tension max 500V
> Embedment depth: 50 to 80 mm under upper surface

Technical specifications in asphalt

> Surface load 300W /m²
> Load 60W/m cable
> Construction cable (MI) constant wattage single core
- Resistance wire
- Magnesium Oxide insulation
- Copper inner jacket
- HDPE outer jacket
> Circuit length to maximum 138m
> Ohmic values: 0,14 to 2 Ohm/m
> Nominal tension max 600V
> Embedment depth: 30 to 80 mm under upper surface


Ramp Heating Extra

Control panel

The IP54 control panel is completely pre assembled with the necessary protections and switches per circuit.

Snow and ice sensor

This snow and ice sensor can be programmed with for instance moist and temperature sensitivity. He is installed in the slope, leveled with the upper surface.


The temperature limiter with sensor in the concrete/asphalt, will prevent unnecessary energy consumption by switching off the system at a floor temperature of for instance 5°C.